Beaches in Malta

Sandy Beaches – Rocky Beaches – Activities

The Maltese Islands are surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, giving beaches its special clear and turquoise colours which attract many people. Maltese lifestyle is relatively close to the beach vibe, allowing people to relax, spend time swimming, doing a barbeque, camping or any kind of aquatic activity, especially during summer. Exploring the beauty of Maltese natural beaches, is definitely a way of reducing stress and letting oneself go.

With Malta’s climate, beach life starts from May and runs until October. With an average temperature of 27 C in July and 13 C in January, that may even encourage some to still swim during winter !

The Maltese Islands are primarily made up of limestone; therefore most of the beaches are rocky ones although fairly easy to walk on. However you may still need to pay attention on certain windy days as the sea can get quite choppy. Most of the beaches are provided with lifeguards (during summer season) for information about the current weather conditions and in case of emergency. Even though a rocky castline prevails on the Islands, a few sandy beaches are found in the northern part of Malta along with many beach resorts.

Starting off with, Golden Bay located on the northern part of the island, this is one of the most frequented beaches in Malta. This is due to the luxurious Hotel resort which is in walking distance from the beach and its easy accessibility via car, frequent bus services or even cycling. People tend to organize barbeques although there is a bar right on the beach. It is also an ideal place for watching and taking pictures of the sunset. Various offers on water sports are available, such as; paragliding, water skiing, sausage rides, paddle boards or kayaking. Walking around the bay during spring or autumn is also something many enjoy doing.

Following with Riviera Bay. Right up from the cliffs you’re already able to spot out the beauty of the bay. What makes this place so special is the blend of colours; both coming from the green vegetation, from the hillside and the turquoise sea. Riviera Bay also has exceptional history, right on top of the cliffs you are able to see a defence-tower build during the 17th century. People tend to gather around right by the tower or even down by the beach to watch a spectacular sunset. Furthermore, it is recognized for its 100 stairs which take you to the beach, which are most definitely worth going down and up from. The access to the bay can either be easily made via public bus, car, bicycle or even hiking. Usually trucks with food tend to stop by, however there is a bar right by the beach. Additionally, Riviera Bay offers jet skiing and other water sports that are available in the season.

Located 1km away from the town of Mgarr, Gnejna Bay, is another sandy beaches with easy access. Its outstanding limestone cliffs lead towards the clear sea. The combination of the history and the sea sets a fascinating landscape. For those who enjoy the adventure, it is a great opportunity to walk around the area and observe the variety of Maltese wild plants and limestone formations. When it comes to accessibility, Gnejna Bay is approachable via car, bus or walk.

Furthermore, the three bays; Golden Bay, Riviera Bay and Gnejna Bay are consecutively one after the other. Thus, trekking around all three of them is an easy and fun activity which some may enjoy.

Mellieha Bay or also known as Ghadira locally is probably one of the most frequented beaches in Malta as it is the longest strectch of sandy beach. It is recommended during summer season to get there as early as possible in the morning in order to secure your ideal spot. Ghadira Bay, has gained its popularity for various reasons, such as the multiple hotel resorts and restaurants which are located a few minutes away from the beach. It is situated on the coast road leading towards Cirkewwa and the Gozo ferry terminal, making it to a nice stop before catching the ferry boat. The long stretch of sand and its calm currents make it to be one the favourite destinations for swimming. An abundance of water sports are also available here, as well as restaurants and beach bars right by the bay. Mellieha Bay is easy to access; bus services are constantly on going.

Paradise Bay is one of the smallest sandy beaches in Malta. It is located on the north of the Island, very close to Cirkewwa. This location offers a clear view of Comino and of Gozo. Taking in consideration its small size, Paradise Bay, most of the time has a clean atmosphere both on the beach and in the sea. Just as other sandy beaches it is surrounded by cliffs and wild plants, which makes it a nice getaway spot. Different services are provided on the beach; canoeing, sunbeds and restaurants.

Another popular beach is Anchor Bay situated on the other side of Mellieha, and accessed through the popular Popeye Village, (the bay was the movie setting for the film Popeye). The bay is surrounded by two main cliffs and various rocks. A great place to visit for the day.